Jessie Campbell


Jessie Campbell is published international freelance makeup artist.  She has a background in photography with a degree from VCU as well as artistry education as a former Education Lead for Sephora.  Available for hire in the Northern Virginia,DC Metro area as well as international travel.  For booking inquiries email . 


Okay, now that sounds so serious...Let's do that again...


Hello! My name is Jessie!

    I've been doing makeup professionally for about 10 years now and I'm absolutely in love with it.  My humble beginnings started when I was in college at VCU for photography.  While I was in school I took a job at Glamour Shots.  I know what you're thinking; don't laugh!  From there I made the switch to Sephora and quickly progressed into their education field.  Being in the education field I was able to have some of the best training that's out there.  As the years went by I gravitated more and more towards artistry and it has led me on some amazing adventures!  I've been lucky enough to be published in magazines, do makeup on celebrities, and even travel all over the U.S and Internationally.

    What makes me different?  Having a background in both photography and education, I have a keen understanding of how makeup should be applied for photos and for everyday life.  I pride myself in being able to give my clients valuable tips and tricks so that they know the how and why behind makeup.  I have a super laid back quirky personality which I think makes me very easy to work with.  I work very hard to make sure that the best possible end result happens for each and every one of my clients.

    That's enough about me!  I sincerely hope that if you've read this, we get the opportunity to work together and make something beautiful!