The artistry she brings to the shoot is phenomenal and my post production time very little, WYSWYG in it’s natural form. She has a wide palette range from beauty to fantasy with precision and efficiency.
— Bruce Sabala (Photographer)
I’ve had my makeup done by many before meeting Jessie, but once I found Jessie she’s been the one and only since. I never need to tell her what to do, I just show her what i’m wearing and she takes it from there. I have never met someone so spot on with what I like since meeting her. She truly is an artist, and she does not disappoint, only amazes me every time! Each time I have referred her to others, I’ve heard nothing but praise. Absolutely the best makeup artist I have ever, ever worked with!
— Nicole Gallub-CEO/Founder Pelonkey
I have probably worked with Jessie over 25 times in the last year and she is the ultimate professional. I love to collaborate with Jessie and truly depend on her creativity for doing hair and makeup for all of my shoots. Jessie can cover the complete range of looks from high fashion to boudoir to fantasy and even a model frozen in ice. I highly recommend Jessie. And if you can put her in front of a camera, she is equally amazing. She has pulled off the most pious looking nun to Jessica Rabbit to boudoir.
— Tony Mangerie (Photographer)
Jessie has been an integral part of my team on many occasions and each time we have produced wonderful images that have reached publication. She is truly professional and a pleasure to have on either side of the camera. She has always been prompt, eager to work, and does so quickly and efficiently. My only hesitation in strongly recommending her is that I would prefer to keep her talent exclusive to my team. Since that would be akin to depriving the world of sunrises I will relent and tell you to work with her if you have the opportunity. She is a rock star without the attitude.
— Michael D. Ward (